She's a Bold Woman 30x40 acrylic

SHE'S A BOLD WOMAN 30X40 acrylic. Based on my she experiences, an abstracted bold W set within nature reflected my ability to be bold and natural simultaneously.


BALANCE 36x36 acrylic. Is balance ever two pieces perfectly aligned? I didn't think so.

Suwatte Kudasai

SUWATTE KUDASAI (Take a Seat: Japanese) 24x24 acrylic. As a admirer of Japandi design, this work is geared to the ultimate invitation ... take a seat and let's converse.

Jazz Band

JAZZ BAND 48x48 acrylic. Smoky under level joints where the vibe is real jazz. Straight up hole in the wall is my kinda night.

Prologue to Idealism

PROLOGUE TO IDEALISM 36x36 acrylic. Symbolic color theory representing optimism and the emergence of abundance.

Hold on for the Ride

HOLD ON FOR THE RIDE 36x48 acrylic. I am a 20yo riding on the back of a Kawasaki free as a bird. No cages.

Break the Rules

BREAK THE RULES 36x36 acrylic. Rules are always meant to be broken. Period.

A Testament of Will

A TESTATMENT OF WILL 36X48 acrylic. Painted as a reminder of something we all possess but oftentimes forget. Gestured brushwork is always honest.


YELLOW. 36 x 36 acrylic. Based on the lyrics to "Yellow" by Coldplay. 'Cause they were all yellow'.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 48x48 acrylic. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway ... "honor to a Spaniard, no matter how dishonest, is as real a thing as water, wine, or olive oil. There is honor among pickpockets and honor among whores. It is simply that the standards differ".


REFLECTION 20x20 oil. This piece is for the viewer. To add multiple colors to the composition would be my interpretation of your reflection. Only you can do that.

Late Summer Rain

LATE SUMMER RAIN 36x48 mixed media. I look forward to the rains that come in late summer promising cooler nights and autumn's arrival.

They Danced

THEY DANCED 72x48 acrylic. Freely given gestures happily dancing across the canvas. Turn up the music, sway your hips, and tap. SOLD


SIMPATICO. 24x24 acrylic. This was conceived by my friendships where we remain simpatico within our differences.

She Drops Her Head and Offers Her Seed

SHE BOWS HER HEAD AND OFFERS HER SEED 20X24 acrylic. When the sunflower droops it's head in cultivation of new life. Cycles.

PXL_20220414_200942746.PORTRAIT_2 (1).jpg

COCOONED DANCE 20x24 acrylic. Wrapped in silk, gliding with the whims of the wind, cocooned in protection. Creation. SOLD

The Sinew of Viridian

THE SINEW OF VIRIDIAN. 24x30 mixed media. Vitality and strength through the color of viridian symbolic growth and veritas.


SANCTIMONY 36x48 mixed media. The juxtaposition of virtuous.


SYMBOLISM 24x24 acrylic. Using hieroglyphics to express narratives beyond audible language, this composition is wide open to you, the storyteller.


PIVOT 48x48 acrylic. Much like roots searching for optimal growing space, sometimes all it takes is a pivot.

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A Testament of Will